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Ryanols contain [leaf infused grape seed oil (for dissolving bad cholesterol) and lecithin in cellulose capsules]. Ryanols are convenient, affordable, easy to swallow and are ideal when feeling nauseated or in pain, or having trouble sleeping. (CD #3)

$5 for 20


skaltenolStalkanols are like Ryanol capsules, but are made with stalk instead of leaf. They are well suited for  pain and nausea relief. (CD #33)


$10 for 20

CBD Caps are grapeseed oil infused with 8%+ CBD enriched strains. These caps are designed to offer a controllable doseage CBD source to treat a wide range of symptoms.

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$10 for 20


eccleEccles Squares [leaf in olive or grapeseed oil, lecithin, dates, currants, hemp hearts, oats] Our newest vegan treats. A very healthy alternative to our regular cookies.


GingerRegular Cookies: [leaf infused butter, lecithin, 100% stone ground organic whole wheat flour, raw sugar, farm eggs, baking soda, sea salt and powdered kelp] Flavors: Oatmeal, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, PB Chocolate Chip,  and Ginger. They are excellent for muscle relaxation and sleeping. (CD #3)


buddhaBudda Balls [leaf infused olive oil, lecithin oats, hemp soy & whey protein, coconut, sunflower seeds, almond powder, honey, hemp hearts] Best for those with compromised digestive systems, severe weight loss, and blood-sugar disorders. They are a complete protein supplement.  (CD #4)


kamutKamut Puff [stalk infused olive oil, lecithin, puffed kamut, marshmallows, hemp hearts] In the never-ending quest to recycle and utilize every part of the plant, we cold infuse the stalks (and adhering ca·lyx·es,) for 1 month into olive oil. They provide mild daytime pain relief. (CD #12)


$1.50, or 8 for $10

daytimeDay Time Buddies [bud infused olive oil, lecithin, oat flour, raw sugar, hemp hearts, flax seed water, sea salt, and powdered kelp] are an excellent analgesic for daytime use.


cannoilCannoil INDICA or SATIVA [olive oil infused with bud and lecithin], produces more analgesic effects with less muscle relaxant and sedative effects. Each bottle contains 2 ½ grams of cannabis, and is exceptional for those with compromised diets. (CD #5)

Ginger Cannoil INDICA or SATIVA is specific for digestive system disorders and cancers. (CD #22)



Lozenge [Cannoil, goji berries, slippery elm bark, flax seed water, lecithin] Goji contain antioxidants and are rich in micro-nutrients. They may also help with cardiovascular, inflammatory, and occular conditions. Lozenges also releive throat infection, dental pain, and are antibiotic. (CD #11)

$1.50, or 8 for $10


Topical Applications and Skin Products

Cannabis oils have many uses. They’re analgesic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antiseptic and may be used with your routine pain meds. Use as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory  as it stimulates circulation. Our skin is our largest organ and is capable of absorbing medicine as well as expelling waste. It makes good sense to apply medicine directly to the site of need. This is a quick and easy method of delivery, especially for people with compromised digestive systems. Our oils may be combined with other herbs, allowing the plants to work synergistically  for specific uses.

Cannapatch [strained plant material, grape seed or olive oil]  To use, rub some oil onto skin, place patch over affected area. If skin is broken, first cover with sterile gauze. Apply directly to sore or arthritic joints and muscles, 1st degree burns,  chemical burns not requiring medical attention, migraine headaches, bruising, insect stings and bites, varicose veins, strains, infections, inflammation & rheumatic pains. To relieve sore or inflamed eyes, sties and pink eye, cover eye and place on. Warm and place on upset or cramping stomachs, irritable bowels or menstrual complaints. Tape a Cannapatch in place for 10 days to 3 weeks, changing every couple of days to help sprains and broken bones. They may be used several times if not applied to infected or open wounds. Keep frozen between uses.  (CD #7)

Regular Massage Oil [olive oil, plant leaf, Vit. E] Pain reliever, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory,  relieves many skin conditions, from eczema and psoriasis to fungus, as well as atopic dermatitis.  (CD #5)

The herbs mentioned below are infused in oil and mixed equally with regular massage oil.

Wild Yam is specific for Multiple Sclerosis and women’s hormone replacement therapies. The protective covering of nerves in your brain is made of myelin. Progesterone is produced in the gonads and is what the brain uses to make myelin. The brain concentrates progesterone up to 20X higher than the rest of the body, and by the age of thirty, half of women have quit producing it. Use wild yam as a massage oil because progesterone is absorbed 40X more through the skin than when taken orally. Bile in the stomach kills most progesterone and makes the liver work to hard to process the rest.  (CD #19)

St John’s Wort  is especially good for the circulatory system. It helps all aspects of bruising, from stopping pain to facilitating reabsorption of the bruise without clotting. It will strengthen capillaries and veins, which is important to those with compromised livers, varicose veins, bruising and other blood diseases. St John’s wort oil is very effective for recurrent ear infections. also good for migraines, scrapes, cuts, minor wounds and burns, and soothing inflammations of the skin, making it an excellent first-aid remedy. This oil is also one of the best ways to stop abdominal cramps of all types, break down intestinal blockages, and relieve stomachaches and menstrual cramps.  (CD #8)

Arnica makes an excellent treatment for inflammations caused by arthritis, sprains and strains. It also soothes minor burns, ulcers, eczema, and acne. It will reduce swelling and relieve pain. Arnica works by stimulating blood circulation and intercellular fluid exchange and is an accepted ingredient for many arthritic and athletic preparations. This oil is not to be used on broken skin. (CD #8)

Comfrey is our first product to have the added benefits of hemp seed oil. Most useful for acceleration of wound healing, fractures, gastric, varicose and duodenal ulcers, hiatus hernia, ulcerative colitis, and hemorrhages. Improves circulation, lung complaints, bronchitis, irritable cough, pleurisy, muscular rheumatism, swollen joints, gout, pain of stumps from amputation, paralyzed joints and limbs, exertion, dislocation, sprain or shock, bone infections, slipped and herniated discs, contusions, ecchymosis and bruises. (no  digest)

Peppermint & Eucalyptus is wonderful to rub   on your chest for chronic bronchitis, asthma, colds, influenza, and whooping cough. It can also  be used to treat fever, headaches, sore throats, rashes, stomach bloating, neuralgia and rheumatic pains. (CD #8)

Camphor will help most lung complaints, emphysema, local rheumatisms, sprains and strains, bruises and neuralgia. Also use as a rub for stomach and bowel complaints like spasmodic cholera, flatulent colic, and diarrhea. (CD #8)

Salve is made by adding beeswax to regular massage oil to the desired consistency and is good for all first-aid purposes, as well as fungal infections, athletes’ foot, eczema, dermatitis, burns and scalds or allergic reactions to the sun caused by allopathic medicines. (CD #8)

Arnica salve [massage oil, arnica, beeswax] is specific for Lupus, providing instant relief and preventing outbreaks or exasperation. It tightens skin to reduce wrinkles, and reverses rosacea. Use for arthritis or swelling. (no digest)

Aloe Vera salve [massage oil, shea butter, aloe, beeswax, lecithin, Vit.C, and lavender essential oil]. This salve will help any kind of skin wound, burn, scald, blisters, insect bites, herpes sores, vaginal infections, sties, conjunctivitis, athlete’s foot, warts, acne, allergic reactions from plants and toxins, eczema, sunburns, radiation burns, shingles, rosacea, dry skin, screening out X-ray radiation, and frostbite. (CD #14)

Green Lion salve [eucalyptus, camphor, menthol,  tea tree, wintergreen, lavender, cinnamon & peppermint oils with massage oil and beeswax]. Use as a deep muscle rub that is both warming and cooling, providing excellent relief for inflammation and pain. (CD #20)

Lip balms [massage oil, shea butter, beeswax, calendula oil, Vit.C] Use as a skin moisturizer, natural sunscreen and for skin conditions such as wounds, cancer, herpes, strawberry and liver marks. (CD #8)


NOTE: Please store all cannabis products safely out of the reach of pets and children.The information contained in this pamphlet is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or other health care provider. The VCBC will not be held responsible for any respiratory, mental health, or other medical problems that may result from using our products.

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All edible and topical items may contain trace amounts of seeds or nuts.


We recommend that patients do not drive or operate machinery under the influence of our products.